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Congratulations to the Successful ending of Enterprise Session for Students of Service outsourcing Major from XiĄŻan Eurasia University

 (News) On Nov 26, 2015, the cooperative university of LCCI XiĄŻan Broad Yard International Training School--XiĄŻan Eurasia University successfully held the Enterprise Session. In order to provide the students with qualified and professional job opportunities, XiĄŻan Broad Yard International Training School especially invited several famous enterprises and listed companies in XiĄŻan High-tech Zone to make a presentation to the students. During the session, HR from different enterprises made a introduction about the company information, business type, jobs and responsibilities and salary to meet the demands of the students and their major as much as possible.

With the purpose of better satisfying the requirments of the studentsĄŻ employment and enterprisesĄŻ demand for talents, LCCI Broad Yard International Training School has been preparing the practice matters from October, 2015. We have made various measurements and tests for the students such as early baseline test, evaluation of comprehensive ability, computer operation ability test, personality test ect. We also offered a special training class--ĄąZero Distance with EnterpisesĄą in which many successful people from our partner enterprises introduced their work and practical experiences to the students to help them lay a solid foundation for their future career.

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