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Business Administration

The National Vocational Qualification (NVQ) system is designed to help you to acquire basic working skills for positions at all levels of an enterprises from basic assistant to top management. The UK-China cooperation project NVQ enterprise administration certificate is issued jointly by China’s labor and social security ministry vocational skills testing authority (OSTA) and London Chamber of Commerce and Industry examinations board (LCCI). This certificate has nationwide recognition.
The content of NVQ include: 
NVQ L1/L2  (the executing level of enterprise management);
NVQ L2/L3 (the managing level of enterprise management); 
NVQ L3/L4(the controlling level of enterprise management); 
NVQ L4/L5(the deciding level of enterprise management). 
We are introducing the the contents of L3 (advanced).
Acquired Certification:  International Occupation Enterprise Administration
Awarding Bodies:  London Chamber of Commerce and Industry Examination Board(LCCI)
Examination Institutions: London Chamber of Commerce and Industry Examination Board(LCCI) and The Ministry of Education Overseas Examination Center of China

Course Background
LCCI is the most authoritative international organization of vocational skills training and professional qualifications review. It was found in 1890 and set up a series vocational courses such as Business English, Accounting, Marketing, Secretarial Science and so on. We have more than 5,000 exam centers in about 90 countries around the world. More than 100 million people take this exam every year. The certificate and diploma which is awarded by LCCI is generally acknowledged in those countries. Especiallly in the commonwealth countries and Southeast Asian countries, it has always enjoyed a laudatory name as International Employment Green Card. The global unification time of LCCI exam is: every 4,6,11, unified proposition, unified quandary and certificate. The certificate is permanently valid.
Course Features
By utilizing simulated international company and various case studies, students can not only have better comprehension, but also gain practical handle experiences. Through this course, you will be competent in Customer Service, Marketing and International Business and more. Courses are taught in both English and Chinese.

Unified examination schedule, unified examination paper, unified scoring, unified certificate issuance.
International examination: April, June and November(Register two months ahead of the date of examination)
Months to enter for the examination: February, April, and September(10th of each month is the deadline)
Necessary Materials: Copy of your ID card, Two bareheaded recent photos,
Contact: Atherine Lu  029-89198073  029-89198074  029-89198075  



Business Administration L1
NBA1 is a basic business administration course with the most practical value. Business Adminisration L1 will provide you with a full understanding of office administration, business communication and the operation of office equipment.
You will learn:
The importance of listing the responsibilities of the main departments of the office and collective work , explain the organization structure in detail, describe the responsibilities of each department, understanding the advantages and disadvantages of different office layouts
◆ List the main documents used in buying and selling, describe the information and useage of goods, general trade terms and abbreviations, and petty cash .
List office stationery and materials, inventory records and documents and how to use them, and learn to proofread documents
◆Understand the main classification system of information storage, list  the types of security classification, specific equipment and electronic instruments, reference books needed for office work and indicate the source
◆List and know how to use the general office equipment, including Computers, scanners and faxes
◆Comprehend the function of communication system, how to use telephone, paging instrument, explain the method of posting and the application of external communication, write business letters and memos
Describe the main methods of payment used in commercial organizations, know when to use these methods, list  services provided by post office, bank and other financial institutions.
This course is designed for those just start their career in administration management. Students English level should be equal to Business English Level 1(CET 4 or above)

Business Administration L2 
LCCI Business Administration L2(NBA2) introduces the daily working procedures and standards in business environment.

Business Administration L2 provides you with a full understanding of effective business, organization, work practice, effective business communication and office instrument operation, which will help you master the good business administration skills.
You will learn: 
◆The responsibilities and required skills in administration , the importance of an administration center in a company, and its function, how  the administration center can provide service for the whole organization and its commercial resource function
◆To operate communication equipments like coping machine, fax , mobile phone, and computers
◆To use the post room, including automatic mail opening instrument, automatic postage meter, delievering machine, and sorting device
◆To send the mails by express, air, package and shipping.
◆To pick up the best product and service based on
◆To carry out the security program, describe the basic requirement of the working environment and use office control and standard.
◆To describe the information type of office processing, including customs information, acquisitions, order forms, and know how to use standard documents to present information.
◆The system and program of information storage and renewal; Distinguish the way of information classification and cataloguing formation. Code specific commercial information and explain how to release information in an organization
◆The most efficient way to communicate, explain the basic place and devices needed by different conferences, working as a team to finish a task and accept assessment and supervision

This course is designed for those working in a business environment and need to have the knowledge and procedures about daily administrative management.


Business Administration L3 
LCCI Business Administration L3 (NBA3) is an advanced course on administration. The aim of this course is to strengthen the students’ capabilities of administration and organization in business environment.

Business Administration L3 provide you with the best work practices, effective business communication, appropriate administrative systems and equipment, and how to plan meetings and activities.You will be enabled to become competitive in business administration.
You will learn:
◆The details of a series of commercial equipment’s use, function, benefits and general maintenance.
◆The factors which affect equipment selection, related costs and services, how to report equipment failure
◆A series of office supplies, how to recognize the importance of different suppliers
◆To choose the best business services from service providers such as the communications, secretarial service and so on.
◆How the office work environment design affects work environment, how the office layout and location affect employees, how the work practices changes affect the work environment.
◆To design environmental safety and security procedures after taking equipment usage, risk estimation and emergency treatment as consideration
◆The enforcement of office control and standards, document handling, setting up a program in the office, using different information storage and restoration systems, identify the most appropriate method of conveying information
◆Selecting the most appropriate medium of communication to achieve certain goals and knowing its advantages, using appropriate tone and style in conversations with the public, senior colleagues and external agencies or answering their questions.
◆Listing business information sources, including: libraries, internet, suppliers, reference, reference manual, consultancy and other important information sources
◆Dealing with absenteeism and covering for others, making arrangements for emergencies, balancing work duties, improving the plan, finishing assignments and tasks on time, the advantages of different working modes and team cooperation
◆Arranging effective meetings and activities through the use of program lists, invitations, speakers lists, guest lists, venues, dinner arrangements, seating plans, badges and other documents.
◆The requirements when holding activities, identifing the features of the most appropriate site the reasons you choose it, the demand of travel, scheduling and other travel items.
Business administration L3 is for people who are interested in a participating in business administration.  
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