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Introduction to LCCI

London Chamber of Commerce and Industrial Examinations Board (LCCI) is established in 1887, with headquarters in England. As the leading global provider of vocational, business-related qualifications, we boast 5,000 centers in over 100 countries, and more than 900,000 people take the examinations every year. Under LCCI course structural, there are more than 100 subjects, which can be roughly divided into four categories including business, secretary, accounting and information engineering. And each subject has three levels: the first, the second and the third. Every year four series examinations are available. English is required in all the examinations. All the test papers around the world will be taken and scored at a set time. So dose the providing of vocational certifications. 

LCCI keeps the pace with the development of the world’s economy. The LCCI examinants are all those outstanding persons in the field of education and business. Accurate evaluation will be given by their rich knowledge, working experience and keen sense towards economy. Therefore, employers show great satisfaction to those students with LCCI vocational certifications. In many countries, especially Commonwealth of Nations, Malaysia, Singapore, Hongkong, etc, LCCI certification is considered to be a professional passport and a green-card to start a career and have been the standard of employment in most of the companies. Nowadays, LCCI vocational certification has became a BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) strategic partner of the business companies from both home and abroad.

In 2002, the Chinese Ministry of Education, Ministry of Labor and Social Security has respectively signed a cooperation agreement with the United Kingdom LCCI. LCCI has become the first international professional qualification certificates project introduced by Chinese official education institutions. Among all 16 cooperative items between China and the UK, LCCI examination is the only educational program.

In 2004, LCCI merged with EDI (Education Development International), which is a listed company with rich strength and is also a education institution engaged in the authentication and evaluation. After the merger, due to the long history and high reputation of LCCI, EDI decided to retain the name of LCCI for the vocational certificate examination.


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